Parent Resource Area

This page will focus on a different aspect of Early Childhood Education every month.  We will include a links to articles, suggestions for developmentally appropriate activities, explanations of certain licensing rules, and much more.  Check back each month to view the newest resources.

Information at the bottom of the page includes contact information for area services.

Craft Corner

This month we start out with Easter very early.  One of the greatest parts of Easter is remembering that Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins.  Chalk painting is a great activity to try outside now that it is getting warmer!

What will you make?

April Focus

This last year has been strange.  We haven't been able to meet or hold activities like we used to, so family involvement hasn't been on our minds too much. However, families can be involved without being in the building. Check out these two articles about being involved. 

Area Resources

Wisconsin Birth to 3: Provides support to families of children with developmental delays or disabilities. 608-316-1124 (for those within MMSD) or 608-273-3232 (for those not in MMSD)

4-C: Helping Communities Help Children. 608-271-9181 and 

Madison Metropolitan School District: (608) 663-1879

Middleton School District: 608-829-9000
Verona School District: 608-845-4300

Alicia Ashman Public Library: 733 N High Point Rd  (608) 824-1780

Middleton Public Library: 7425 Hubbard Ave  (608) 831-5564

Contact us at: (608) 829-3598    110 North Gammon Rd, Madison