A great Christian Environment!

If you are interested in joining the Living Christ Preschool team, download our application and turn it in at the Director's office, or email to jkoch@living-christ.org.  We have no current openings, but will keep applications on file for our next opening. 


Current Openings

As enrollment changes, we are seeking a full time staff member who would be comfortable in classrooms with children ages 2 and under.  The specific classroom may change as enrollment does.  This staff member will join a co-teacher in lesson planning, updating child portfolios, and caring for children on a daily basis.  Hours most likely between 8:15-5:15 or 8:30-530 with an hour break for lunch. 

Part time may be an option depending on availability.

For more specifics about the position please reach out to Jess Koch at jkoch@living-christ.org. 

Contact us at: (608) 829-3598    110 North Gammon Rd, Madison