Our Bible-based curriculum allows us to incorporate our academic learning with religious instruction.  This curriculum follows the Bible chronologically throughout the school year and Bible accounts differ slightly for each classroom level.  Each week the Bible lesson will be focused with academic elements so students are learning their letters, numbers, and social skills within the context of the Bible account.  We also use the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards when planning our lessons to ensure that all students are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities that will help prepare them for success both in and out of the classroom.  

School Wide Goals


Living Christ seeks to help students develop an academic foundation that promotes a positive attitude toward learning through students participating in planned activities that develop age-appropriate literacy, math, problem-solving, and social skills. 


Living Christ seeks to help develop a firm faith foundation in both students and their families through interaction with Biblical Accounts--by questioning, re-enacting, and explaining--God's love for us and Jesus as our Savior.


Living Christ seeks to help students develop a social-emotional foundation to communicate, self-regulate, and integrate in various situations by developing peer-relationships, working collaboratively, and treating everyone with love and respect.

Class specific goals can be found on the Classrooms Page

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